Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Harwich Board of Selectmen Mission Statement and Vision Principles

First of all we want to thank the Honorable Board of Selectmen for having an honest, frank, and public debate at Selectmen's meeting held on Monday, 12/5/2005. We also applaud the fast response to the removal of the bike crossing sign (within a day) after is was spotted, defaced with a swatiska sprayed on it with red paint. This rapid response was collaborative effort between Harwich citizens, Harwich Police Department, and Department of Public Works, and Highway Department. This immediate response is to be commended. Some communities on the Cape still carry hate signs from other smears and sign defacements still not removed or not corrected after several years. Harwich is different! Now, let's get together on Sunday and show that love for our brothers and sisters. Take an hour and come join this walk at 1:00 PM, bring a can of soup for the Food Pantry and join in afterward for soup and breaking bread together. Tell your neighbors, friends, and community of faiths.

The Harwich No Place for Hate Coalition is seeking popular support to encourage our Board of Selectman to join in with 59 other Massachusetts Communities including Provincetown and Falmouth of the and to study then adopt the NPFH initiative for Harwich. The No Place for Hate Campaign was initiated in Philadelphia by the Anti-Defamation League or ADL. It was brought to New England by the late Leonard P. Zakim as a collaborative effort between the ADL and The Massachusetts Municipal Association, (MMA). According to the MMA Outreach Coordinator Patricia Mikes, "In the fall of 1999 information packages were sent out to all the Mayors and Selectmen of all cities and towns across the Commonwealth, including Harwich. No action was ever taken." The Harwich NPFH committee believes that this is the right time to revisit this initiative for the town of Harwich.

The NPFH initiative is in harmony with the stated polices and mission statement for our schools. (*) The values of respect, individual and collective responsibility, honesty, integrity, tolerance and acceptance of self and others are essential to an ever-changing school community. * Excerpt from the Town of Harwich Mission Statement for all Schools.

The Mission Statement of the Town of Harwich is to ensure the safety, education, and well being of the community; to deliver efficient, effective economically viable services that respond to community needs; to encourage a community of trust and honesty; to respect cultural and economic diversity and to present the historic character of the community.


Citizen Participation

"We will govern ourselves in a manner that encourages participation by all, that provides adequate information for making informed choices and acts in the interests of the community as a whole. We will acknowledge the needs of others and consider compromises that are in the best interests of the Town."

Next time you have to go to Boston, as you cross this magnificent bridge named after Lenny Zakim, be mindful of the battle of Bunker Hill and pray that we can bridge our own differences with a safe crossing for all involved. This can be that perfect teaching moment for all of us in Harwich to adhere to our own mission statement.. "We will acknowledge the needs of others and consider compromises that are in the best interests of the Town."


mx said...

No place for hate.
Then where will hate go?
If there is no hate, where does this leave love?
Can't we make friends with hate?
When everyone is without hate, will those that hate be terminated?
How? With love of course.
this says nothing of racism, or prejudice, which if they did not exist there would be no word, racism, or prejudice. I use prejudice at the stop light, or the bread isle.
My point is, if you enforce your point of view, without allowing dissent, you;
become what you hate.
Personally, I hate stupidity.
This does not mean I am not compassionate.
One thought shared by all leads to mass stupidity, and stupid war.
You cannot destroy hate, you create it by trying to destroy it.
I guess this is much too simple.

Cape Cod TODAY said...

You are very good. I just featured your blog on
Call me at (508) 246-1212, or and let's talk about extending your audience.

I've lived in your town for 40 years.

Walter Brooks

Cape Cod TODAY said...

The Chronicle story states, “We don’t want to tolerate any kind of hate or prejudice,” (Selectman) Piekarski said. “But I don’t want the impression Harwich is running rampant with hate and prejudice. It’s no different than a month ago.”

Pierkarski is correct - Harwich IS NO DIFFERENT than a month or even three years ago.

The town is homophobic now, and it was homophobic then. The misguided selectman has just guaranteed that Harwich will receive the negative publicity necessary to end biogtry in our town.

Peter Porcupine said...

Also, be sure to thank Gov. Paul Cellucci, who insised on naming the bridge after Leonard Zakim, over the objections of the Democrats in the Legislature who wanted it named for Tip O'Neil!

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