Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Harwich No Place for Hate Committee is seeking your personal or groups endorsement of this community supported action.

Harwich No Place for Hate Committee in cooperation with the ADL and MMA is seeking your personal or groups endorsement of this community supported action.

Wording of petition which was signed on MLK day on the steps of town hall by three selectmen, and until recently, was in the Harwich Community Center with over 250 signatures affixed upon it. We now we ask to have your own family members, co-workers, association, businesses, companies, citizens organizations, churchs and or social concerns committees sign and support this effort to lend it's leadership to this noble cause.

Whereas: We recognize issues of diversity and encourage our residents to foster a spirit of understanding and respect for all peoples, and

Whereas: The safety, well-being and respect for all of our citizens are essential in our growing community.

Whereas: We invite full participation in all our community affairs and respect, support, and encourage people of every race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, age and physical and mental ability to join with us in building a community of respect.

Now, therefore the Town of Harwich
joins with other Massachusetts communities in declaring itself a community of respect for all people, and, as part of the Anti-Defamation League / Massachusetts Municipal Association / No Place for Hate Program, commits itself to actively foster respect for all people.

Proclaimed this date, Monday, January 16, 2006
, in celebration and recognition of Martin Luther King's birthday, in the Town of Harwich, Massachusetts.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Wheatland WY. The school board banned the No Place for Hate program at WHS because it is sponsored in part by the Colorado Gan and Lesbian Fund. The story and links and comments are available at

We just started a petition and we are hoping for 10,000 signatures. Would you sign it and pass it around? We're going for 10,000 signatures to really make them sit back and take notice. There are only 3,500 people in Wheatland, and 300 at WHS. The only we can get that many sigs is if a LOT of people sign and PASS IT ON via Twitter and blogs and just plain email. I am writing to PFLAG groups to try and get signatures. We want to do this in a peaceful way, and show people that there is nothing to fear but hate itself. Please sign and pass it on! If you have Twitter, that’s great.

Wheatland is an ok place. We can make it better by showing those four people who made this bad decision that they don't speak for ALL of Wheatland, or Wyoming. Hope you can sign and pass it on and let them see that.

Thank you!

Zoey Quinn