Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No Place for Hate Harwich ! Take the Pledge!

Two questions to share with your congregation or group in whatever way(s) you can:

Question # 1 If a Katrina-like situation occurred in your town, who would need the community's help?
Are there provisions for that help in your community's emergency plan?
Is there a plan?

Question # 2 If a Katrina-like situation, you needed to take food and water from a store, would you be described as someone taking care of your family in a crisis?
Or would you be described as a looter?
What might make the difference in how you are described?

A Shameful "Welcome" to Massachusetts: On Sept 5th 2005, a cross was burned at the entrance to the driveway of the school in Sandwich that would be attended by children from New Orleans. Although the local police chief said he didn't know of any reason for the burning other than race, the state police investigators didn't believe it was a hate crime. Since Governor Romney invited New Orleans folks here, (and is getting such favorable publicity out of it), perhaps he should also ask for an investigation of this incident. Perhaps we should search our own community's awareness, social conscience and hearts on this matter as well!

Not In My Town! - Not In My Name!

We have printed little hand held plastic stop signs. These can be used to get the point across in our own "community". These fans came out of the idea that we must be our own first responders to racism, hate, and fear. This campaign can be used with congregations, students, youth groups. 100 signs for each printing.
They come with handles and printed on one side they can be used to slide down the window rubber seal in your car, or to be displayed in your home and or business.

Please e-mail us if you want to purcahse any. Cost @ $4.00 Each! or call (508) 432-9256

Stop Racism & Hate! Buy On-Line from here. Just tell me how many you want and email me your payment using the link below with PayPal.

Better yet support our local outlets. You may also buy STOP RACISM & HATE signs at the following progressive retail locations!

Harwich -Sativa Gifts, and
Wild Oats Market
509 Route 28
Harwich Port, MA 02646
508 430-2507

Ay!Caramba Cafe
703 Main St.
Harwich Center

Naked Earth (Rt. 6A next to Cumberland Farms)
2655 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631
(508) 896-5071

Orleans - The Earth House

Chatham - The Corner Store,
Rte. 137 & Queen Anne Rd. in South Chatham


swiftypete said...

Rosa Parks was a great
demonstration of how a
simple, humble act of
defiance can make a
HUGE impact.
Let us each pray that
when we too are faced
with a similar situat-
ion we will step up to
the line and say "We
will not be cowed".

Howard said...

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